Hope@Home – May 6, 2020

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Happy Wednesday! Our latest devotional is from our Youth Intern JD. Let’s listen & think on these truths together.

UNITED PRAYER: God’s truth to be spread

Let’s pray for God’s truth to be heard by all. In this current season it may feel difficult to share or evangelize like we used to, but the power of prayer in this aspect is still so important and in a season of struggle, people’s hearts are more open than ever. Let’s pray that the Gospel would continue to be shared and that people would continue to accept Christ. Ask God if there is anyone that He wants you to reach out to specifically. Has someone been on your heart for a long time but you haven’t gotten in touch with them yet? Let’s be obedient to these nudges in our hearts and follow through with them.


Wanting to find ways to be resourceful and thrifty in this season? 

You’ve probably heard the advice to cook more at home and eat out less. This can be a difficult transition for some, but it can be easier than you think! Plan your meals for the week out ahead of time, buy ingredients in bulk, and shopping with a list can help you stick to your goal. Going to the store with a plan will help you to be more likely to succeed! Another helpful tip is to try to stock up on meat when it’s a good price and freeze it for later, or plan your meals around the sales. It may feel different, but with a little practice we can make the best of meals at home!

There are other ways to replace your disposable products with reusable ones! This saves you the consistent expense of replacing them, and is more eco-friendly as well. Paper towels can be replaced with microfiber cloths, cloth napkins can be used instead of paper ones, you can even make your own laundry detergent or deodorant. Look up recipes online, there are many creative ones that use items you may already have in your home.

If you struggle with online shopping (Amazon can be a dangerous place, we know), then try to implement these few rules: Only shop when you absolutely need something. Unsubscribe from store emails so you’re not tempted by sales and delete any shopping apps from your phone! Want to go a step further? Don’t let websites where you regularly shop save your payment info. That way you’ll think twice about a purchase while you get up, find your card, and enter it all in. Ask someone to hold you accountable in making only necessary purchases, this can be helpful in the long run.

What are you doing to save these days? Let us know in the comments below!


Enjoy some mid-week worship by clicking the link below!

What is your favorite worship song? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to make a list of Hope Chapel favorites.

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