Hope@Home – May 21, 2020

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Today’s devotional is from our ‘Ohana Groups & Missions Intern, Mila Espinosa!


God we pray that people’s needs would be met during this time. Let’s pray now for families who are struggling with financial needs & those who are needing food. This is not just for our own community, but for all people around the world who are in need of these things. God we know that You are provider & we call upon Your name and ask that you would take care of your people.

*Can Hope help you or your neighbors? If you or someone you know is experiencing hardship, we have a benevolence fund and lots of ways we can serve you. Send us a note: hope@hopechapelmaui.com

7 Travel-inspired Activities for Kids

We love this article from getyourguide.com! This is perfect if you’re at home with the kids & need something new to do! These activities are great, as they cater to all types of learning styles and can be tailored towards all ages. Some examples include cooking a treat from a favorite country, making up stories together about traveling to a new place, and learning about underwater landmarks around the world. Follow this link to get all of the activities!



Recently, Sarah has found encouragement during this time by digging into God’s Word with the Celebrate Recovery ‘Ohana. It has helped her witness God’s grace toward us, as well as give her strength and patience in parenting. Sarah invites all of us to join in with the CR family to continue to love one another as Christ loves us!

Interested in being a part of our Celebrate Recovery Ministry? Here’s how to join what God is doing: care.hopechapelmaui.com/updates

2 Comments on “Hope@Home – May 21, 2020”

  1. Mila that was exactly what I needed. How much of my time during this pandemic has been spent on worrying! Or watching news. Today is a new day n with God’s help my time will be spent with Him instead! Thank you for your faith and how you walk in His ways!!! Amen!!! Love u!!!

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