Hope@Home – April 21, 2020

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Today let’s hear from Lilly Van Sickle, one of our worship interns here at Hope Chapel! We love what she has to say.

UNITED PRAYER: Church Leaders

Let’s pray today for our church leaders, both here on Maui, and around the world. That they would be able to lead their church congregations well during this time & also that they would gather all of their strength, wisdom, and direction from the Lord. That God would bring them peace in each decision they make and for a strong community around them to uphold them in prayer.


We’re quickly approaching the end of April and the beginning of May! Can you believe it? With these ten days left, choose one of these fun challenges to do together as a family:

10 Day Photo Challenge

Using the prompts below, get creative and take pictures! You don’t have to be a professional photographer with a DSLR to get in on this photography challenge, just use your phone!

Day 1. Something yellow
Day 2. From another country
Day 3. Faceless Portrait 
Day 4. Traditions
Day 5. Cannot live without
Day 6. Favorite time of day
Day 7. Today I…
Day 8. Upside down
Day 9. Something that brings back memories
Day 10. From the ground up

10 Day Self Care Challenge

Day 1. Get out in nature
Day 2. Wear your best outfit today
Day 3. Declutter your home
Day 4. Unplug from Social Media 
Day 5. Rewatch your favorite movie
Day 6. Create a gratitude list
Day 7. Stretch
Day 8. Bake something
Day 9. Get Crafty
Day 10. Create a vision board

10 Days of Fun Challenge 

Day 1. Build a blanket and pillow fort
Day 2. Do a blind taste test
Day 3. Have an indoor scavenger hunt
Day 4. Make a family playlist
Day 5. Have an indoor picnic
Day 6. Freeze dance 
Day 7. Create a stop motion movie
Day 8. Create a time capsule
Day 9. Play some fun minute to win it games
Day 10. Hold a family fashion show

HOW-TO: Make DIY Mask

It’s recommended or required now to wear a mask when you head out of the house. Don’t have a mask yet? We’ve linked a video below that shows you 3 different DIY ways to make one at home!


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