Hope@Home – April 15, 2020

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Check out today’s devotional from our Lead Pastor Ben Prangnell!


Let’s pray for those who have been affected because of COVID-19. Let’s ask God to comfort each of these and to use this as a chance so that they might come to know him; that they’ll turn to Christ in the midst of their suffering rather than rely on their own strength. 

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.”
Psalm 145:18-19 NIV


By this time you may be running out of things to do during the quarantine. However, there’s always an endless amount of fun to be had playing cards, you just need to know the right games! Here’s are two fun card games that you can learn how to play with your family during the quarantine. 

Double – two cards of equivalent value are laid down consecutively. Ex: 5, 5

Sandwich – two cards of equivalent value are laid down consecutively, but with one card of different value between them. Ex: 5, 7, 5

Top Bottom – the same card as the first card of the set is laid down.

Tens – two cards played consecutively (or with a letter card in between) add up to 10. For this rule, an ace counts as one. Ex: 3, 7 or A, K, 9

Jokers – jokers are used in the game (which should be determined before game play begins), anytime someone lays down a joker, the pile can be slapped.

Four in a row – four cards with values in consistent ascending or descending order is placed. Ex: 5, 6, 7, 8 or Queen, King, Ace, 2

Marriage – a queen is placed over or under a king. Ex: Queen and King or King and Queen. 

Note: You must add one or two cards to the bottom of the pile if you slap the pile when it was not slappable.

Continue playing even if you have run out of cards. As long as you don’t slap at the wrong time, you are still allowed to “slap in” and get cards! Everyone should try to stay in the game until you have a single winner who obtains all the cards


Egyptian War: (Ages 6+) 

  1. Start by dealing out the entire deck to each individual player.

  2. Beginning to the left of the dealer, players pull the top card off their pile and place it face-up in the middle. If the card played is a number card, the next player puts down a card, too. This continues around the table until somebody puts down a face card or an Ace (Jack, Queen, King, or Ace).

  3. When a face card or an ace is played, the next person in the sequence must play another face card or an ace in order for play to continue.

  4. If the next person in the sequence does not play a face card or an ace within their allotted chance, the person who played the last face card or an ace wins the round and the whole pile goes to them. The winner begins the next round of play.

  5. The only thing that overrides the face card or an ace rule is the slap rule. The first person to slap the pile of cards when the slap rule is put into effect is the winner of that round. If it cannot be determined who was the first to slap the pile, the person with the most fingers on top wins.


The player, who has all of the cards at the end of the game, wins.

GOPS: (Ages 8+) 

The basic game is for two players, using three suits from a standard 52-card pack. Cards rank Ace (low), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King (high). As a prize, the Ace is worth 1 point, cards 2-10, face value, Jack 11, Queen 12 and King 13.


The cards are sorted into suits. One suit (traditionally diamonds) is shuffled and stacked face down as a prize pile. Each of the other players takes one complete suit. In the two player game the players fight with spades and clubs and the heart suit is not used.


The top card of the prize pile is turned face up. Then each player selects a card from their hand with which to bid for it and places it face down. When both players are ready, the bid cards are revealed simultaneously, and the higher bid wins the prize card. The bid cards are then discarded and the prize card is placed beside the player who won it. The next card of the prize pile is turned face up and players bid for it in the same way.

If the bids of the two players are equal, the bid cards are discarded but the prize card remains on offer. A new prize card is turned face up and the next bid is for the two prize cards together, then for three prize cards if there is another tie, and so on. If the player’s last bid cards are equal, the last prize card (and any others remaining from immediately preceding tied bids) are not won by either player.


When both players run out of bid cards the play ends. Each player totals the value of the diamonds they have won in bids (ace=1, 2-10 face value, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13) and the greater total wins the game.


We’ve heard so many stories of God’s faithfulness, big and small, over the past few weeks. Now we want to share them with each other! If you’ve have a story that would encourage someone, can you send it to us? Email us here or shoot a quick selfie video and send it in. We need to encourage one another – share that story with us right now! Love being together even as we’re apart, church.

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  1. What a wonderful, meaningful devotional you had this week, Ben! It was so well delivered as well as encouraging!
    Thanks so much for all your efforts with Hope Chapel.

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